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      Mallory Melted. She really did. And thank the Gods for the meltdown that reigned down on my life like the tower card in a tarot deck. As my third eye began to open, sometimes it really did feel like I had more in common with one of the M&M's my three year old carries around in the palm of her hand, than I did with the daily circumstances of my life as a mother, wife and C level executive in the technology industry. 

      Today, I feel called to help others live their most authentic lives. Some of my offerings include Reiki charged intention candles, ritual kits, full moon intention setting workshops, tarot readings and distance Reiki healing sessions. Any offerings or content included are intensely personal to me. I hope you find something that spiritually resonates. If you do, let it nudge you just a little bit closer to the moon, the sun, and the stars.





Crafted with Intention, Ready to Ignite.

Reiki charged beeswax is melted down with 100% pure essential oils, ritually brewed with botanicals, and dressed with crystal crumbles. A moonlit curing process completes every batch. Cast your intentions and watch them ignite.


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